So You Want to Buy a Boxer


I am glad that you are visiting my web site and considering purchasing a Boxer. They are the most wonderful breed of dog. They are Loyal, Loving, Affectionate, Clean and Totally Devoted to their people and...They Are To Die For You! No matter how much you love them they will love you more and yes, they will give their lives to protect you without hesitation...but then there are some special dogs that I have had that have not been registered or even purebred that have had the same great devotion of the Boxer breed. So, I ask you, before considering buying a Boxer consider looking at your local animal shelter.


If you are still set on a Boxer I understand and I am here for you. Possibly, you might please consider a companion dog. Boxers like company and I recommend a dog of the opposite sex, non-alpha breed or cross. Boxers are alpha dogs and as in many dog breeds, the same sex have a tendancy to be agressive with one another.


The animal shelters are very overcrowded. There are large numbers of animals euthanized every year. Many of them are wonderful, healthy animals that no one wantded. They were not born of purebred or registered parents. Some are sick and unhealthy and/or have special needs care due to health reasons or issues with brutality. Many of these animals, if given the chance will go on to appreciate the kindness of a loving and caring good pet owner. I have had some of those poor animals that have been abused, abandoned and neglected in my lifetime and they have been my very special unforgettable friends.


For those of you that are willing to come to the aid of a poor unfortunate animal that has not had the luxury of being born to a loving home may you experience the pleasure and wonder that I have had in my lifetime with my adopted pets and God Bless You.


Please go to Petfinder. If you are interested in a certain breed you can put in (i.e., Boxer) and that will bring up the Boxer and/or Boxer like dogs they have available in the Shelters across the country or in an isolated area.


You can also inquire on horses that need homes as well. Any help that you can give to saving an animal from being euthanized is a Blessing.


Breeding animals brings with it a responsiblity. I don't require my dogs be spayed or neutered but I do ask that they not be bred to unregistered animals because pro-creation of new unregistered animals leads to increasing the pet population being put in animal shelters across the country. I find, people think it's cute or want the special experience of witnessing the birth of puppies or a foal but have little realization as to how this precious gift from God ends its final days on this earth. I ask all of you that consider breeding to really think about the consequences for these pets.


The reality is that spaying & neutering is your choice but good care and responsiblity comes with the pet that you have and the responsibility of the future of their babies should be considered. Most of my clients opt to spay or neuter and for those that don't I ask the client to be responsible and keep the animals up when they are in season. For those that choose to breed, I am willing to assist with my experience and knowledge to ensure healthy pups and parents. I recommend breeding registered animals that are strong, have good immune systems and good conformation. I do not recommend breeding animals that have health issues. Reproduction can produce the bad as well as the good characteristics in any breeding and that passes from baby to baby. As my old pappy used say "It costs just as much to raise a registered animal as it does an unregistered one." You be the judge... How many registered animals do you see on Petfinder????


Now, if you are still wanting a BOXER.. Please know that I do understand many of my clients have a breed preference and there are distinct characteristics that they want in their pet. That is what the AKC is all about. So, I am here, breeding good quality Boxer's. I stand behind my dogs for health, temperament and conformation. I do not inbreed and I am not an advocate of line breeding or AI (Artificial Insemination). Although, in many registered dogs line breeding is a common practice. It is my belief that natural breeding and outcrossing good well bred healthy dogs is the best practice. I believe in going the distance to achieve the best of the best that I am capable of breeding for because my dogs are precious gifts from God and I love every one of them as I hope you will...when you find your special-precious one.


God Bless,
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